Finding Your Japandi Vibe: A Guide to Choosing Japandi Furniture with Kyōto Home

Finding Your Japandi Vibe: A Guide to Choosing Japandi Furniture with Kyōto Home

The fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies, known as Japandi, is gaining traction in the interior design realm. Envision a setting where the functional minimalism of Scandinavian design meets the timeless elegance of Japanese style. But how do you infuse this vibe into your living space, particularly with furniture? Dive in as we explore the secrets of curating your unique Japandi aura, featuring some exquisite pieces from Kyoto Home.

Understanding Japandi

Embracing Japandi requires understanding its essence: simplicity, functionality, and the beauty of nature. Think neutral palettes, clean lines, and a commitment to celebrating the tranquillity that nature imparts.

1. Minimalist Yet Warm

For Japandi furniture, the goal is simplicity with a hint of warmth. Our features pieces with uncomplicated designs that still exude a warm aura. Look for items that have a blend of straightforward lines and soft textures or warm wooden hues.

2. Neutral Tones with Pops of Nature

Japandi colour palettes lean towards off-whites, greys, and earthy colours. But, there's a subtle infusion of green, either from indoor plants or green-toned furnishings. As you select your pieces, such as our Nozomi Sofa, remember to include a hint of nature to complement.

3. Craftsmanship is Key

The amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian styles celebrates unparalleled craftsmanship. Prioritise furniture that brings out this craftsmanship, be it an exquisitely carved wooden table or a meticulously upholstered chair.

4. Natural Materials

Given Japandi's homage to nature, embracing natural materials is crucial. Seek out pieces made from wood, bamboo, stone, or ceramics. Our marble-finished tables or ceramic vases are perfect examples, adding both aesthetic and grounding energies.

5. Multi-Functional Furniture

The heart of Japandi beats for minimalism, emphasising the importance of multi-purpose furniture. Consider sofas with storage options!

6. Embrace Negative Space

Japandi champions the beauty of ‘ma’ or negative space. Instead of overcrowding a room, sometimes, a singular piece like this minimalist chair from Kyoto Home is all you need.


Setting out on your Japandi journey transcends mere aesthetic redesign. It's about fostering an ambience of tranquillity, mindfulness, and refined simplicity. As you curate your Japandi space, guided by us, remember it's more than mere aesthetics—it's an alignment of space with spirit, echoing serenity in every corner.

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