How to maintain your Kyōto furniture.


Pampering your leather items doesn't need to be complicated. Think of your leather furnishings as good friends who appreciate a little TLC. Keep them clean with a soft microfiber cloth and a quality leather cleaner. To protect them from accidents, use a leather protector to keep spills at bay. If you're lucky to have saddle soap, it's a great choice. But if you don't, a gentle hand soap or dish soap will do the trick. Use a damp cloth, gently rub away any marks, and watch your leather shine.


Maintaining a beautiful rug is all about quick action and gentle care. Spilled something? Grab a paper towel or a plain cloth to soak it up. Use lukewarm water with a cloth or sponge to treat stains. If that doesn't work, turn to a gentle, bleach-free cleaner or furniture shampoo. For dry stains, a gentle brushing can help, and a vacuum will pick up any leftover bits. But remember, avoid soaking your rug or using strong chemicals. If you're unsure or the stain is too tough, consider professional cleaning. Your rug's beauty will last longer with the right care.